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Why work with us?

15 years

of proven experience


The team at MSI is seen as an industry expert and is asked to speak, mentor and represent the design community. This includes organizations like the Interior Design Society.

MAKS SAMPADA: Arabian Property Award

2018-2019 Arabian Property Awards

“Best Office Interior”

MAKS SAMPADA: Arabian Property Award

2014-2015 Arabian Property Awards

“Best Office Interior”

MAKS SAMPADA: Arabian Property Award

2011 Arabian Property Awards 

“Highly Commended Residential Property Interior”

MAKS SAMPADA: Arabian Property Award

2010 Arabian Property Awards

“Best Interior Design”

MAKS SAMPADA: budgeted solutions for interior decoration

Budgeted Solutions

Interior design is not expensive when you consult with professionals.

  • We draw up your wants and needs, how much you’re comfortable to spend, and align it with a “controlled and planning ahead” approach.

  • We prioritize space utilization always.

  • We optimize spends with cost effective, locally sourced materials and finishes.

  • We keep local climate and back-up service in mind.

  • We use in-house technicians (carpenters, masons, MEP technicians, etc.) for an effective labor rate that slims margins.

This way, you can rest assured your home will be taken seamlessly from design board to delivery, with budget optimization as a priority.

MAKS SAMPADA: turnkey interior design

Turnkey Interiors

Pressed for time? Want a designer’s eye to add ideas and vision? Leave it to us!


For an in-depth interior design service where all of the work is left to us, this is a great option for you. We offer full design and installation services to meet all of your needs, from inspiration to installation.

MAKS SAMPADA: interior design walkthroughs

Design Walkthroughs

We will meet you at your project to ensure you are happy with the progress.

We will walk from room to room, discussing design ideas, paint colors, solutions to your decorating dilemmas and design challenges, ways to incorporate what you have, and suggestions for any new furnishings and accessories.

MAKS SAMPADA: latest trends and technology in interior decoration

Trends & Technology

We combine personal stories with trends and technology to create beautifully-crafted interiors.

We blend trends and technology with great Indian craftsmanship to manufacture products in our factory. All our products are innovative, durable, reliable and yet economical. We strive to provide 100% customized interior solutions.

Take a look through our portfolio to understand our scope of service. We love to design spaces in their entirety, focusing on every detail. When we are through, your home or commercial space will be photo shoot worthy, cozy and functional all at the same time!

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