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See through the guiding light of our work before you make your decision. Browse through prior projects and ask for client’s references. Talk to them and know about their first-hand experience with us.

MSI areas of specialization


(Offices, Hospitals, Institutions)

(Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants)

(Showrooms, Outlets)

The more you ask, the more clarity you'll have!

  • Do you undertake interior design projects for homes only?
    No, we undertake residential, commercial and retail projects.
  • Do you deliver projects only in Bangalore?
    We deliver projects in Bangalore, Vijaywada, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. Soon, we are coming with a break-through in Mumbai.
  • Do you have an Experience Centre?
    Even better! We believe in winning our client’s confidence. So, we welcome you to tour previously executed projects under possession. See, touch and feel our work. Speak to our clients openly to know about their experience with us pre-designing and after handing over – till date. Hopefully, we won’t disappoint you.
  • Does your complete home interior solutions include home decor and furniture too?
    Yes, we cover every need from furnishing and accessorizing to decorating and lighting, creating a complete aesthetic look. We design, build, and install.
  • What sets you apart from other interior design companies?
    Interior design is not our business, it’s our passion. We enjoy making spaces beautiful. Our middle-eastern and Indian design and project experience creates a unique approach. We have grown through word of mouth, and won awards. The owners are personally involved in every project, managing and work every detail with the team and client.
  • Why should I choose a professional designer over a carpenter or independent interior designer?
    Would you choose a mechanic to build your car? Would you choose a cook to give you a fine-dine experience? Why think differently here? Ensuring your project is done with quality, on time, within budget, hassle-free, and with a warranty – are just a few of many reasons why professionals exist in the world of interiors.
  • Can I see my project in virtual reality?
    Even better! We will render your final design in augmented reality so that you not only see, but also experience a life-like version of your design and space, and how will it come out in the end.
  • Do you offer a delivery promise of 60 days?
    If we don’t deliver in our promised days, we pay you rent for every day beyond our promised delivery date!
  • Will you keep me updated on my project status at every step?
    Yes, our project manager will send you site update reports and pictures. He will connect with you one-on-one over WhatsApp (if you prefer to) where in daily progress will be shared. After substantial progress, we will walk you through the physical site.
  • Do you outsource to contractors or carpenters?
    No, we design and execute our projects with our in-house team of carpenters, MEP workers, masons, etc.
  • Do you manage end-to-end home interior projects?
    Yes, we call them turnkey projects.
  • Do you provide an instant quote?
    You can take a ball-park estimation online itself through our website. However, it is just a rough estimation and we strongly encourage you to meet our professionals to understand your needs better and budget the project within your comfort.
  • How involved will I need to be in the interior design process?
    It’s your project. The more you are involved, the more we enjoy the process. However, we leave it to you. We are capable and will appreciate your full trust once you have hired us. We take full responsibility of delivering what is committed to you.
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