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We are MS Interior Architect's & Designer's
Right Here For You

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We’re a TURNKEY interior architecture & design company, Indian - Middle Eastern partners. We bring together a rare blend of capability and sensibility to give you an offering that is unique and affordable.


Your home, office or café should reflect who you are not who you think you should be. We believe your space should be interesting, not perfect. We break the pre-defined rules of interior decoration with our simple contemporary and functional approach to design for our clients. Breaking out of the mundane or the create an inspiring pulled together look that reflects the best of who you are. THAT is what we do!

We focus on what your requirements are and on your thoughts, translate it into your desirable space with a dose of passion!

MSI is one of the best interior architects & designers, based in Bengaluru and delivering projects around the country. We provide contemporary interior design solutions for residences (home/flat/villa), commercial spaces (hotels, resorts, restaurant, office, hospitals and institutions) and retail (showrooms, outlets).

Every day you will wake up pleased with the investment you made and wish you did it sooner. Read some glowing remarks from our customers.

It was a blessing sent to us. Working with them was a delight. They had this keen sense of capturing the essence of our personality and style. Using their creativity, they were able to incorporate our personal taste into every room.

Ayush Nag

If you are a customer of MSI, feel free to share your feedback and we'll post it on our website!

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