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Commercial Services

Your stories. Inspiringly designed.

We combine design & psychology to create spaces that bring out the best in your people!

A key to business success is creating a positive environment for your people. We believe a person doesn’t need to sit behind a desk in order to work. They should be inspired to work and think anywhere. So, our designs are an enabling hybrid of stools, chairs, stand-up desks, roll-top desks and more – all ergonomic. We build zones for talking and thinking, so that employees can be acoustically comfortable and are able to select their more productive environment. Most of all, we ensure wellness through biophilic design that imbibes the values of nature, so employees feel a connection to nature and outdoors. Apart from office spaces, MSI can also create interior designs for reception areas, guest lounges, dining areas, counters, kitchens for restaurants, bedroom cots and wardrobes, rest rooms and more. 

MAKS SAMPADA: best office interior decorator
MAKS SAMPADA: best office interior decorator
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