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Residential Services

Your stories. Thoughtfully designed.

Your home is your haven, and therapy. Here’s how we plan this space.

Functionality of the space, radiant walls and ceilings, natural lighting plus LED throughout for after dark, is the key for enhancing the quality of the interiors spaces in a multifunctional home forum.

Living room interior design

We organize the space for connections – either between people or just you and yourself. We understand the importance of the seating and the TV unit. Seating can be inviting but personal. A good TV unit optimizes space, enhances the viewing experience, and allows for stories through memorabilia.


Dining room interior design

In an Indian household, nothing unlocks stories like food. And conversation during food. We design dining spaces to contribute to nourishing meal experiences, both physically and emotionally.


Bedroom interior design

This is your ‘cave’. The place to realign after a hard day. We design the space for it, using the right beds (the kids get bunk beds!). We inspire you to display what matters to you and build storage for the rest, which is why we factor in side tables, wardrobes and lofts.


Kitchen interior design

Our original kitchen styles will whet your appetite! The ‘creative heart’ of the home has to be functional and inspiring. Using durable, waterproof materials, we create kitchens that are uncluttered, airy, and enabling. It’s great for a cooking up a storm or a tête-à-tête with a friend.

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Prayer (Zen) area interior design

This is the space that is as compact as a store room but as blessed as a temple. We understand this balance well, and optimize the space accordingly, so you can wake up in the mornings and be inspired to connect with the divine.


Bathroom interior design

You need a space where you can shut yourself out of a hectic world. We can build your oasis by using materials that boost your mood using a mix of colors, patterns, and functionalities like showerheads with temperature control, and other intuitive bathroom products.

For the best home interior design solutions, which is contemporary and stylish, get in touch with MSI.

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